Americana Partners International is where global market expertise meets vision to serve the unique financial needs of ultra-high-net-worth Latin American families, with a primary focus on the vibrant Mexican market. As a team, we understand the intricate dynamics of the families we serve, particularly the third or fourth generation members, who straddle both Latin America and the United States.

As part of Americana Partners, our International team improves financial planning services and investment management by connecting individuals in the Latin American market with our esteemed American client network. Through strategic introductions within our personal and professional circles, our goal is to create opportunities for mutual benefit, free of the constraints of a large corporate structure and partner with well-known industry experts. By facilitating connections between clients and influential figures, we empower our Latin American clients to access resources and expertise from across borders, helping them navigate international wealth management with confidence and success.

Americana International
Services and

  • Intergeneration Wealth Transfer
  • Philanthropic donations
  • Comprehensive Wealth Planning
  • Pre-Liquidity Planning
  • Retirement & Pension Plans
  • Business Services Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Access to Alternative Investment
  • Guidence on Entity Structural Decisions
  • Wealth Transfer & Philanthropy
  • Proprietary Investment Opportunities
  • Manager Selection
  • Risk Management
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Lifestyle Advisory
  • Sustainable & Responsible Investing
  • Family Governance & NextGen Wealth Education
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Our Team

At the helm of our team are seasoned professionals who bring together a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the cultural and economic landscapes shaping Latin American and US markets. As proud partners of Americana Partners, we are driven by a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in wealth management.

Jorge Suárez-Vélez

Jorge Suárez-Vélez

CEO and Founding Partner of
Americana Partners International
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